Best VPN In 2018 To Support Kodi

VPN kodi

In the year 2017, the Government of UK promised no mercy to be shown to the users who were using Kodi to broadcast pirated content. Following this, a number of lawsuits came up to curb piracy. Several trials were also imposed on Kodi add-ons such as SALTS and Phoenix. However, people keep using Kodi for playing their favorite media. It is very user-friendly and has a massive collection of every media. We will tell you about some of the best vpn for kodi that will double your fun. According to, using the right kind of VPN is exceptionally useful for using Kodi correctly.

· Express VPN: This is our winner in the top VPN list. It has Kodi specific services that are easy to understand and use for everyone. Server availability and streaming speeds are excellent in this VPN. In almost every major country the server location is present. It has got different app routers including ASUS RT series routers. There are plenty of payment options for the VPN service, and even cryptocurrency payment method is available. Do not worry about customer service as well as you can contact them 24/7 and still get your queries answered.

· VyprVPN: This second product in our list is a winner concerning encryption and security. You will get incredible privacy features if you use VyprVP. The speed is outstanding and is available in almost 70 countries. The ease of use goes without saying as it can give you a comfortable experience with Kodi on any device you want.

· CyberGhost: A good but not very perfect as a VPN service. The ease of use is excellent and can cater to five connections simultaneously at a reasonable speed. It is a Romania based product and comes with no logs feature which can be a drawback. You can still give it a try as the device offers good speed and comes at a relatively discounted price online.

· NordVPN: For people in the UK and US for whom privacy is a paramount concern this is the VPN you need to get. This is best to fulfill all your Kodi needs with perfectly keeping your history private. It has got severe encryptions that enable advanced level protection for users. It is based in Panama, and people who already use Tor will be happy to use this VPN connection.

· PureVPN: A Hong Kong-based product that initially served only the Chinese market, now serves the entire world. The massive network connection of PureVPN will help you operate from 141 countries whose list you can find online. Some people have reported about its speed, which is a concern to few customers. However, all in all, it is a pretty good deal at a moderately priced amount.

The number of users on Kodi is increasing every day. Therefore the risk of hackers and copyright sharks is also growing. Using a VPN for Kodi will help your data remain secure without making it vulnerable to unlawful people.